The Lady Vanishes

'Absolutely incredible': Search for missing mum intensifies after investigative podcast is launched

For 22 years, Sally Leydon has been searching for her missing mother Marion Barter - and for much of that time, she's felt incredibly alone. But now, following the launch of The Lady Vanishes - a podcast series dedicated to finding out what happened to Marion - tens of thousands of people around the world are helping to try to crack the case.

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Police have launched a new investigation into one of Australia's most-baffling missing persons cases. Mother of two Marion Barter, the former wife of Socceroo great Johnny Warren, disappeared while...


The Lady Vanishes: new investigation into mystery of missing teacher

UPDATE: The first episode of 'The Lady Vanishes' is now live. You can listen and subscribe via acast, Spotify or Apple Podcasts. It's a case that's baffled NSW police for 22 years: the disappearance, without a trace, of Gold Coast teacher, Marion Barter.