Root of Evil


The sordid-and possibly murderous-secrets of LA's Sowden House

From any room one could step into a central courtyard full of exotic foliage and beautiful giant cactus plants reaching straight into the sky. Once inside this remarkable house one found oneself in absolute privacy, invisible to the outside world. - Steve Hodel It has been a source of mystery and chatter since its construction in 1926.

The Black Dahlia

The 1947 murder of a 22-year-old Hollywood hopeful in Los Angeles has never been solved.

Man Ray

In 1915, Man Ray met French artist Marcel Duchamp, and together they collaborated on many inventions and formed the New York group of Dada artists. In 1921, Ray moved to Paris and became associated with the Parisian Dada and Surrealist circles of artists and writers.

Was Man Ray the Inspiration Behind the Black Dahlia Murder?

Steve Hodel believes his father - a friend of the surrealist - committed the grizzly Hollywood murder as an emulation of the artist's techniques. The daytime television talk show Dr. Phil has been running for 17 seasons but has rarely dipped into art historical drama for its content.

The True Story of the Black Dahlia, the Hodels, and the Memoir that Inspired I Am the Night

'I Am the Night', the new miniseries starring Chris Pine, is based on real events-and in some cases, they're just as awful as the show depicts them. Below, everything you need to know about the Black Dahlia, the Hodels, and how the two true crime stories come together.